Friday, November 5, 2010

Frugal 101 Part I

There are some simple things that you can do around the house to save money. We all know changing to the low energy light bulbs, Oh and yes turn off those light switches when not in the room!  There are hundreds if not thousands of Blogs that give tips and I want to share some I have tired and use on a regular basis.  One thing is know your prices.  Warehouse stores can save you money but you have to know your prices.  Somethings I can buy on sale cheaper than at the warehouse.  I keep a small notebook in my purse with per oz. prices on staple pantry items.  Then with my little calculator I can figure out good buys.  We have a store called "Just $2"  they buy over stock items.  Yesterday I bought water repellent spray for fabric, leather etc. for $2 a can.  Now I will have it for tents, raincoats, fabric purses, umbrellas etc...    And, yes there is a difference between hoarding and stockpiling.  To me hoarding is buying 10 umbrellas, stockpiling is buying 10 cans of water repellent @ $2.  When say a pantry item is on sale at a good price i.e. sugar I will buy 25 - 50 lbs.  I put it in a food grade bucket (empty bags into bucket).  Some things like flour, corn meal etc... you will need to freeze for a couple of days to kill any pantry moths or eggs in it.  Yes, those bags can have those in it and will infest everything not sealed in pantry.  I use gallon glass jars like the ones pickles come in for the things I'm using out of daily.  I put bay leaves in the jars (buy in bulk at farmers type grocery) they don't effect the food and will deter bugs (Mother Earth News tip).

Friday, September 10, 2010

My Texas Girl

This spring Christine took the girls to a Strawberry field for some fun.

Busy Summer

I know, I know I haven't posted in forever! I had a great idea I can just sleep less. Went to bed at 1:00am and got up at 6:00am. That should do it. Cabin business has been good this summer. Dad had garden and is doing good for almost 88. Still part of each day I visit and cook for him.

Beside all the work I have been yard sale'in and bought up some "steals" not just "deals".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Backyard Play

Enter to win this great play set.  At Dad Blogs  they are having this great contest!  If you don't have kids think of a church or a family you know of that could make use of this.  I know of two  great little girls in TX far away from their Nana.  I would love to be able to give this to them.  When they play on it they would think of their Nana in North Carolina and know that she  loves them so much.

Friday, April 10, 2009

FOR EARTH DAY 04-22-09


Try coming up with something that you can re-purpose instead of throwing away.

Check this handbag out!

This Gal has gone crazy crochet with any and everything.

Craft Challenge

Craft Challenge #38 - Eggcellent Upcycling Challenge - Due May 1 - May 5 2009  

Let me know what you come up with.  Put your thinking caps on!  Pass it on to friends.


Make some cute, all-natural flower pot air fresheners! You will need:


  • small terra cotta flower pots (about 4 inch height)
  • lacy fabric or cheesecloth cut into 8 inch circles
  • 30 inches of ribbon
  • baking soda
  • essential oils


First, stop any holes in the bottom of the pots with tape. Fill them with baking soda and mix in about 10 drops or so of your favorite essential oil. Place the circle of fabric over the pot and secure by tying the ribbon around the rim with a bow.

To freshen just stir in a few more drops of oil, and change the baking soda every few months. I love these little pots, they leave a nice, subtle scent without chemicals or synthetic perfumes.

They're lovely in smaller rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, and inexpensive to make. I even used some old lace curtains for the fabric. The only trick is to place them where kids, pets (or you!) won't knock them over too easily.